The Apple Tree

A man found himself as a farmer, planting a seed in the dry season. Many seasons have passed by, but every effort never goes in vain. A Goddess answered his prayer. She was giving her life to be a tree since she fell in love with the farmer.

With full of love the farmer protected it. Both of them were trying so hard to defeat the weathers. The tree was falling in love more and more, everyday, to the farmer’s custody. Comes the day when the healthy, lush, shady tree bears fruits. The goddess have been suffering three whole seasons, but it was worth it. She has never seen the farmer that happy. The farmer was so proud of himself, but the fruits weren’t so sweet and juicy as he wanted it.

Mad in love, the goddess only wanted the farmer to be happy. They tried so hard defeated the weather and seasons. Finally came up a little baby red apple. Even it was still tiny, they know it’s different.

The farmer was falling in love with the little red apple. Sorrowful felt the goddess, but she loves her fruit.

Times has passed by. The madly love farmer only took care the little red apple. The tree and the older fruits felt the big difference. Time by time the sadness has turned to be a sorrow, then spiteful and sulphurous. The lovely tree couldn’t see love anymore. Unwittingly she neglected her little red apple.

Innocent red apple was trying so hard, but couldn’t hang on the tree nor with the farmer anymore. The little red apple fell hard down to the dry ground, so hard to change colors.

“Dearest tree, why did you give on the apple up?”

The Goddess was remorseful.

The tree didn’t look healthier, the older fruits didn’t change, and the farmer’s innocent love was still as pure as before to the tree, to them. What a darkest season she had. She tried so hard to pick a little apple up again. The lonely little red apple has already changed to darker ugly colors, couldn’t see anything, couldn’t feel anything.

“Dearest tree, what have you done?”

The lost apple was rolling away alone, keep herself away from the farmer and the tree.

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