67 days
I had a terrible feeling of missing you
Night and day passed so slow
Mind and soul were trapped on you

151 days
I was waiting you just for a simple ‘hello’
But I only found an empty screen everyday
Sorry, I’m not brave enough for a start

And now I’m counting your messages
with hope you realize my feeling
hope you know my kindness
hope I got your attention

13 is only a number
But some people said it is a cursed number
Otherwise, it is my lucky number
I received your ‘Hello’ on 13/01

9 days
we were chatting again
Red roses already bloom
and fresh wind has blown me cool

3 seconds
A heart shape glass was broken
A good looking girl was in your picture
She mustn’t be your sister

1 hour
You told me anything about her
Every single line
I understand how much you love her

“What about you?”
“Have you met your love?”
“Are you in relationship now?”
“You are a good girl, everyone will love you”

Your questions were burn me down
My feeling has broken into pieces

I don’t want to go back
I just want to leave you
I don’t have anything left
I only want to be here without you

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